May 1 - MPower Next Steps Luncheon

FALL 2019 - Program Start


Send completed applications electronically to  or mail to: Sustainability Institute, ITC 207-C, 400 7th Street North, La Crosse, WI 54601.


MPower is a year long program that connects businesses & organizations who want to learn about, implement, build upon or showcase sustainability. Participants will attend ten monthly sessions around our community, network with other local organizations, and engage in eco-challenges while spearheading their own sustainability related projects.

  • Since 2015, 16 organizations and businesses representing over 7,000 employees have participated in the program.
  • MPower has inspired and promoted 77 sustainable related projects.
  • MPower has held 42 sessions encompassing 84 hours of sustainable education and awareness by touring 12 unique community locations.



YOUR ORGANIZATION Today more than ever, your customers, employees, investors, and suppliers are asking about your organization’s sustainability actions.

YOUR EMPLOYEES The MPower Champions program “empowers” individuals within companies to become leaders of organizational change.

OUR COMMUNITY At the Sustainability Institute, we recognize and value the leadership of our local business community. We know that the private sector is a key driver to advancing sustainability and improving the quality of life in our community. We also know that when individuals make sustainable behavior changes in the workplace, they tend to make those same changes at home, which makes the workplace an even greater starting point for a large ripple effect.



Casey Meehan, PhD, is proud to serve as the 2017 MPower Program Coordinator. As the Sustainability Coordinator at Western Technical College, Casey is responsible for promoting Western’s commitment to sustainability and resilience as well as coordinating internal and external efforts towards these ends. An experienced educator, Casey has taught in K-12 settings and in public and private higher education institutions.  Before coming to Western as the Teaching and Learning Coordinator in 2014, he was a faculty member at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine where he created and taught environmental and place-based education courses. He still maintains his state of Wisconsin secondary-level teaching license. He plays an active role in the region's sustainability and resilience efforts. Casey serves on the Western Environmental and Sustainability Team (WEST), co-led the Western's 2016-2017 MPower Team,  has written environmentally-focused opinion pieces for the La Crosse Tribune, and participates in the Citizen's Climate Lobby.


The MPower Business Champions Program originates from SustainDane in Madison, WI. Since 2009, over 100 Madison-area businesses and organizations have completed the program.

The Sustainability Institute helped bring this program to the 7 Rivers Region in 2015 and since then, 16 organizations and businesses representing over 7,000 employees have participated in the program.